~igzebedze decoupage

Decoupage was presented at HAIP06, international festival of open technologies. At the same time a huge annual studets organizations fair was going on, so it was placed there. I hear some journalist had had lots of fun using it… :)

We decided to leave Decoupage on display at Kiberpipa for another week after MFRU festival has ended last friday.

I am pround to announce another presentation of Decoupage, this time on MFRU – the 12th international computer art festival, that is taking place in Ljubljana and Maribor in the next few weeks. Decoupage will be exhibited at Kiberpipa.

Break festival is comming to it’s end after two weeks of interesting lectures, workshops and exhibition, which among others featured Decoupage.
Visitors were very interested and the responses were very positive. The project worked all the time without a flaw, generating about 2000 short movies. Some photographs of the setup are avaliable at the demo page.

Decoupage je projekt, ki omogoča poljubno sestavljanje filmov iz razrezkov filmov, ki jih ima v zbirki. Teoretsko utemeljitev si lahko preberete na strani “O projektu”, predstavitev na strani “Demo”, izvorna koda, objavljena pod licenco GPL, je dostopna na strani “Koda”.

Decoupage is a project, that makes it possible to create custom movie from a series of cuts of movies from it’s database. Concept is explained on the subpage “About”, source code is avaliable under the terms of GPL, on the page “The Source”.

Project Decoupage has finnaly come to a stage, to deserve it’s web site, with screenshots, demo videos and source code.