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Hruške, jabuke, jablane, čežane.

Ste se gdaj vprašali, zakaj Najboljšega soseda nikoli ni doma, ko pridete na obisk?


Posted on September 14th, 2005 in kitchen sink |

The missing use of RSS and other web services:

– for national television’s programme (note: there is an XML feed available, but its not RSS
– for libraries, as Jure has already mentioned
– for schools, notifying attendees of changes in schedule
– for translation teams, syndicating translation strings to a translation server, running a service with proofing tools (spellchecker, dictionary of translations) and good QA
– for those AMZS people, that can’t quite reply to emails, to syndicate road status information. Or maybe DARS.
– for weather, that would be really nice of our ARSO
– for taking a ride, right Jure?
– for Kolosej, to have a visitor or two more
– for Bolha, to let people watch their favorite section
– and for topping, SOAP service for a nation-wide open wireless ‘passport’

Its really simple.

2 Responses

  1. gandalf Says:

    ride will come along shortly :)

  2. z Says:

    yea, after few commercial brakes.