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Ste se gdaj vprašali, zakaj Najboljšega soseda nikoli ni doma, ko pridete na obisk?

WAW – What a week.

Posted on Julij 29th, 2005 in kitchen sink |

Wow. This was some week. I’m underslept nearly whole week, as there was always something to wake me up. Be it a friend (foe at time) seeking for help, lawnmower man or just some odd guy drilling into my floor from below.

One would (foolishly) think people calm down in summer, but that has proven not to be true.

Oh, twas 34°C here today, according to maQ’s temperature guide.

Strange how stuff breaks if you omit a “www.” in front of URL. I had to make a virtualhost with a redirect, to make sure there’s only www.kiberpipa.org, no other.

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