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The Linux rt2x00 channel 12 and 13 problem, solved

Posted on Maj 31st, 2008 in dovhcajt |

Old telephone wires are a challenging communications channel for modern digital communications.The Linux rt2x00 wireless drivers come with channel 12 and 13 disabled by default, this is due to different regulations over the world. In US the wireless usage is restricted to channels 1 to 11, while in Europe, channel 12 and 13 are also permitted. However, the rt2x00 driver has the defaults set not to support the last two channels, and finding a way to enable them requires a fair amount of googling.

To spare other from the pain, here is the solution to rt2x00 channel 12 and 13 problem is to make the new wireless stack mac80211 aware of the fact, that you are not a resident of US. The rt2x00 will then show additional channels as available, if you do ‘iwlist ra0 freq’

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