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Got the ATI video out working at last

Posted on Januar 20th, 2008 in dovhcajt |

I’ve again come across an idea to set up video out capability on my Radeon 9600. It was supposed to be working, and last time I checked, the drivers were pre-XRandR1.2 and had only shown the “default” video output, and the video output capability had some bugs.

I had to get my driver updated somehow, to see if it helps, but being on dialup connection this was nearly impossible. Luckily I remembered I had upgraded my laptop from lenny to sid due to similar problems. So, what does a Debian user do? “dpkg-repack” to the rescue! Having successfully “packaged” Xorg from unstable and installed on the other box, I was only left with some xrandr and xorg.conf fun.

What I need next is a proper lirc capable remote control for mplayer…

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