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London calling

Posted on Oktober 7th, 2007 in dovhcajt, linux, zanimivosti |

I am now in London for the coming three weeks or so, building the next Google, hopefully. To be honest, it’s quite a challenge coding Python on a five year old laptop, I could say I have to carefully select what my next task is. ;)

Yesterday was a fun story. Our router (used as a workstation, but actually a laptop) had elected to let half of it’s RAM go wild with errors. To make matters more fun, it was the on-board RAM. Panic, panic. We lost a box and our uplink. Well, the internet connection was faulty before, but probably the RAM can also take a great deal of credit.

Thanks to some minor hacks taking major time, the box is now running Linux (was Windows) along with working Vodafone Mobile Connect connection.

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