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Internet as a productivity booster

Posted on Junij 6th, 2007 in faks, linux, python |

It is amazing how fast things can be done with some help of a good search engine and some advice sought after on an IRC channel. I was experiencing flickering when changing bitmaps with wxPython and asked about this on an IRC channel. I got a fairly unplausible advice, to replace the StaticBitmap widget I was using with a “generic static bitmap” (GenStaticBitmap), but it was a perfect solution. I got the solution to my problem in about 15 minutes, but it could have caused me unnecessary headache.

Next I needed to package my newly created software in a installer, so I quickly fetched NSIS. Even though I had already used it some time ago, creating a script from scratch is quite time consuming, so a bit of googling got me started with a Firefox installer script. Fast forward over some minor modifications and a couple of installer builds and I got myself a working installer (localized in Slovenian) for my shiny new cross plaform application. And I have probably already spent more time writing this post getting software packaged.

What was a showstopper then? Acquiring a copy of Visual Studio 2003 to build a CPython extension. I’ve already downloaded VS2003 years ago from MSDNAA, but was foolish enough to misplace the CD. Who would ever think it might come handy one day… ;) Even more strange, the install files come packed in a zipped self-extracting 600MB big executable archive, go figure. And it takes a fair amount of time to install.

All in all, I’ve got my new Python/C project built and packaged.

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