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Publish-Subscribe and Pootle

Posted on Junij 30th, 2006 in pootle, python |

I’m still thinking how Pootle could benefit if Pootle-2-Pootle interconnection would be based on XMPP (Jabber)…

One of the advantages would be PubSub service, aka JEP-0060, through which new or fuzzy translations could be spread from master project server to other translation servers around the globe. Ejabberd and Wildfire already have built-in support for PubSub, but there’s also Idavoll, that works with all Jabber servers, but seems a bit incomplete, but written in Python.

We’ll see.

One Response

  1. ralphm Says:

    Hi! I’m the author of Idavoll. While it is true that Idavoll does not include all features specified in JEP-0060, its feature set should be enough for most publish-subscribe applications. It supports all mandatory parts of the specification and then some. If you have any questions, do let me know.