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Žale imajo svoj obvoz

Posted on Marec 27th, 2008 in dovhcajt |

Žalski obvoz

Očitno bi rabile še svojega policaja.

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Opera fonts, again

Posted on Marec 14th, 2008 in dovhcajt |

Source: WikipediaEvery now and then Opera decides it just won’t render fonts aliased. To counter that and the fact, that we are really too stressed these days, I’m glad to share the solution with you, which is in fact very simple. I remember being riddled by this a few times in past, so this error is actually quite common in a lifetime of an Opera user.

The solution that worked for me is to add the

Enable Core X Fonts=0

line into my ~/.opera/opera6.ini

I don’t even want to know how Opera manages to lose this setting.

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