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Hruške, jabuke, jablane, čežane.

Ste se gdaj vprašali, zakaj Najboljšega soseda nikoli ni doma, ko pridete na obisk?

Nočna straža

Posted on Oktober 28th, 2007 in dovhcajt |

Ura je pol tri in sam se končno odpravljam spat, čeprav sem se tudi danes, tako kot večino prejšnjih dni, nadejal upanja, da bom pred prvo v postelji. No, ampak medtem ko se jaz trudim z zadnjimi opravki pred spanjem, si drugi pripravlja nočni obed, tretji pa na svojem prenosniku izvaja povratni inžiniring nad MacGuyverjevo uvodno pesmijo in jo pretipkava v format, primeren za predvajanje na lastnem programju.

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Linux on desktop?

Posted on Oktober 27th, 2007 in dovhcajt |

Well, it’s still going to take quite some time. But it would definitely would help if …

1. Mplayer was a really simple library with a tiny commandline executable, that would wrap the library. This way nobody would have to parse it’s standard output.

2. Drivers would report their capabilities. This way my system would know if it has a driver loaded that does not support sleep at all or if a driver is working in a fallback mode.

3. Video capture on built-in iSight works in Ekiga, but nowhere else. Why can’t developers create a common library for video capture (or at least for device settings)?

4. Open source video chat? What’s that? :)

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Schneier facts

Posted on Oktober 23rd, 2007 in dovhcajt |


Bruce Schneier once hollowed out a book when he was young.

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London calling

Posted on Oktober 7th, 2007 in dovhcajt, linux, zanimivosti |

I am now in London for the coming three weeks or so, building the next Google, hopefully. To be honest, it’s quite a challenge coding Python on a five year old laptop, I could say I have to carefully select what my next task is. ;)

Yesterday was a fun story. Our router (used as a workstation, but actually a laptop) had elected to let half of it’s RAM go wild with errors. To make matters more fun, it was the on-board RAM. Panic, panic. We lost a box and our uplink. Well, the internet connection was faulty before, but probably the RAM can also take a great deal of credit.

Thanks to some minor hacks taking major time, the box is now running Linux (was Windows) along with working Vodafone Mobile Connect connection.

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