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Forgot your Kopete password?

Posted on September 11th, 2007 in debian, linux, python |

I sure did, and I you didn’t use KWallet, just like me, then you are probably going to find this script a bit helpful when retrieving your forgotten password. Just save the code as a file, eg. getpass.py, and run python getpass.py userid@jabber.org. You will get your password in no time. Be sure to run it in your home dir.

from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
import sys
from kdecore import KStringHandler

config = ConfigParser()
cryptedpass = config.get("Account_JabberProtocol_" + sys.argv[1], 'Password')
print KStringHandler().obscure(cryptedpass.decode("utf-8"))

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Django newforms

Posted on September 3rd, 2007 in django, python |

Some time ago, when me and Jure were hacking Prevoz a bit, there was a question of handling a complex form. One could split a form into smaller subforms and validate each separately, use a SuperForm or override a lengthy method, that spits out HTML.

We eventually figured that subclassing did just the thing we needed and did the “happy-djangoinan-dance”. ;)

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