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About the festival haip06

Posted by skatey on Avgust 20th, 2006

HAIP 06 /Cyberpipe/

2nd Multimedia Festival of Open Technologies

October 17th to 21st 2006

The HAIP Festival puts on display multimedia art forms resulting from creative use of open technologies. It presents works of the young, promising artists and creative engineers from Slovenia and many other European and even Asian countries, who specialize in top-notch, open-standards-supported arts and multimedia art practices. HAIP is organized by Cyberpipe, a multimedia center from Ljubljana.

/Main topic of the festival/ Open approaches to technologies and creativity

The main topic of HAIP 06 is the new freedom of artistic expression in opensource media through networking. The main line of presentation will focus on new art of free digital media – and the new media content that enabled it in the first place – while laying special emphasis on technical and legal aspects of new digital media with free access. The topic was selected with regards to the current time of political involvement in the changes of national strategies regarding the digitalization of mass media and the significant political, contentual and creative consequences thereof.

/Haip includes/

- exhibitions and installations,
- workshops,
- a forum (presentations / symposium),
- audio and visual performances,
- five days of networking, fun and party.

/Festival venues/

- Cyberpipe (Oct 17th – 21st: all days of the festival), 6 Kersnikova Street
- Club K4 (Oct 21st: main stage, free entrance until midnight), 4 Kersnikova Street
- Rog, Petkovškovo nabrežje
- Študentska Arena 2006, (project Decoupage and live streaming of all festival venues), Gospodarsko razstavišče
- Cafe Metropol, 6 Kersnikova Street, above Cyberpipe
- ex-bookshop Transtroemer, 6 Kersnikova Street, above Cyberpipe
- Ljubljana Railway Station, 6 Trg osvobodilne fronte (Map)

Free entrance for all festival events! You are kindly invited!

/About HAIP/

HAIP is an abbreviation for “Hack-Act-Interact-Progress”. The main aim of HAIP is to establish a creative production platform that comes alive during the festival and thus encourages direct interaction and further connecting between all participants of the festival. One of the main attributes is to encourage the audience to interact actively with HAIP events.

Artists and groups that are present at HAIP interact critically with the technology that surrounds us and is fast becoming an inseparable part of our everyday lives. They mostly use open and free technologies, be it a practical or ideological choice.

The western model of a consumer society is bombarding us incessantly with perfecionist ideology and gaining more and more passive consumers, who only care for one thing – that the technology works. If people manage to reflect from time to time upon what food they eat; that is to reflect upon how they communicate, who tells them how to connect, interact, protest or participate, they will quickly find out that it is their time to act and they have to decide for or against it. They still do.

The first HAIP Festival took place in 2004 in Ljubljana: www.kiberpipa.org/haip04.


Festival director:

  • Borut Kumperščak, kumpri@kiberpipa.org


  • Boštjan Špetič – bostjan@kiberpipa.org
  • Daša Lakner – dasa@kiberpipa.org
  • Ana Pavlišič – ana.pavlisic@gmail.com
  • Andraž Tori
  • Mija Lorbek – mija@kiberpipa.org

Public Relations:

  • Katja Guček – katja.gucek@kiberpipa.org
  • Maruša Baša – marusa.basa@gmail.com


  • Peter Čuhalev – peter@yukaii.com