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Včeraj je skupina udeležencev HAIPa z LED Throwieji okrasila železne površine prestolnice. Odpiramo natečaj za vse fotografe, ki boste posneli preostale LED Throwieje po mestu. Tisti, ki v objektiv ujame največje število Throwiejev bo prejel privlačno nagrado, Kiberpipino majico. Fotke pošljite na info@kiberpipa.org.


Yesterday the iron surfaces of the capital city were randomly decorated with LED Throwies by group of HAIP people. The competition is open for all the photographers out there to take the pictures of the remaining LED Throwies in the days after the performance. The one that catches the biggest number of Throwies in one frame gets the Cyberpipe T-Shirt. Send the pictures to info@cyberpipe.org

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