Concept, research, graphic design, interface design, installation and web design >> Saša Spačal
Concept, programming, visualisation and sound design >> Tadej Droljc
Concept, neuroscience coordinator, EEG analysis, project member >> Simon Brežan, dr. med., MD
Production >> Multimedia center Cyberpipe 

Saša Spačal is an intermedia artist and a graphic designer with background in humanities, who has expanded her knowledge of computer graphics, web and video production at various workshops. She is currently working in the fields of graphic design, real-time interactive visualization and intermedia art, trying to connect various technological and biological organisms.
She has taken part in exhibitions and projects in Moderna galerija, Galerija Škuc and Galerija Alkatraz. As a member of Temp group she had participated in public interventions and installations, in the development of strategies for alternative use of abandoned spaces, and in exhibitions Odprti Rog, Pogovarjanja / Conversations / Conversas, Mapiranje / arhiviranje / analiziranje izginulih prostorov umetnosti. As a researcher, she had taken part in the international research project Performing the City. Art Actionism in Public Space in 1960s/1970s that had made its rounds in Munich, Naples, São Paulo, and Paris.
Her interactive installations were presented at various international exhibitions and festivals such as Haip festival – Ljubljana, Enter 5: Datapolis – Prague, AmberFest’11: Next Ecology – Istanbul, De:sonanz 2012 – Skopje, Device_art 4.012. – Zagreb, Device_art 4.013 – Prague and Enter 6: Biopolis – Prague. Currently she is developing several new projects that focus on interfaces between living and technological organisms in collaboration with Kapelica Gallery, Multimedia Center Kibla and Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory. In the field of interactive visualization and sound design she is developing strategies for usage of physical interfaces for generating sound and visuals as a member of Theremidi Orchestra, which has made it’s numerous appearances at various venues both in Slovenia and abroad.


Tadej Droljc is active in the field of electronic and electro-acoustic music production, visualization of sound, image sonification and music journalism. Currently his main focus is exploring the possibilities of graphical sound synthesis in 3D space and sound visualization as an audio controller or an audio interface. That was also a part of his dissertation entitled Analysis driven sonographic sound processing in real-time using Max/MSP and Jitter. He finished a BSc course called Computer Music at the University of Hull in England and graduated in year 2011.

Article Sonographic sound processing
Dissertation Analysis driven sonographic sound processing in real-time using Max/MSP and Jitter

Simon Brežan,, cognitive neuroscientist, social activist, completed Medical faculty at University of Ljubljana in 2008. He worked in cognitive neuroscience and EEG research since 2002, introducing a newer method of EEG power spectra and coherence into work of Institute of Clinical Neurophysiology, University Clinical Centre Ljubljana. He was awarded with national “Golden Graduation Prize”, university student research award “Prešeren” in 2003, “Delo” – main national newspaper science award and international stipends, like Onassis foundation and FENS, Sinapsa society stipend. He co/authored about 50 scientific and semi-scientific publications [also international, 4 with SCI] and gave some national interviews and many invited lectures in the field of cognition and neurophysiology. In 2013 he and coauthors published a review neuroscientific interdisciplinary article , titled “The principle of coherence in multi-level brain information processing” in renowned international scientific journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology . His main interests are neuronal electrical oscillations, biological coherence, complex systems, EEG, “brain-computer interface”, “mind reading”, memory, decision-making, neuroethics and social innovation.

Academic references:$=activity

The project was supported by >> Ministry of culture RS and Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture

Special thanks to Anil Podgornik, dr. Mirjan Švagelj, Alex Wong, Sandra Sajovic, Maja Zorman, Jasmin Talundžič, Andraž Brodnik, Igor Križanovskij, Multimedia center Cyberpipe and Ljudmila – Ljubljana digital media lab.