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Synergy is a neural machine prototype that enables us to reprogram human brain via brain-computer interface. At the same time, it is also an audiovisual object that reflects ourselves as well as our interaction with others. This neural machine invites …

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Come and try out your synergetic potential from 26.6. until 5.7. in our neurochamber at Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia. To reserve your time slot contact us at Photos by Simona Jerala and Saša Spačal.

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SYNCHRONY, COHERENCE The neurophysiological theory of higher brain functions predicts that multiple superimposed synchronized (coherent) oscillations in different frequency bands with different spatial patterns and functional correlates govern specific mental functions. Synchronized oscillatory activity of EEG signals can be measured …

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synergy_psychology and protocol

Our mind is complex and everchanging. Mind is our collection of cognitive / psychological functions which enables perception, thinking, judgement, memory, decision making, emotions etc., and finally unique subjective consciousness. Many different disciplines like philosophy, religion, psychology and cognitive science …

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synergy_interface testing

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BCI BCI is an abbreviation for brain–computer interface, often called a mind-machine interface, or sometimes called a direct neural interface. It is a direct communication and control pathway between the brain and an external device. BCIs are often directed at …

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NEUROFEEDBACK LOOP Neurofeedback loop is a type of biofeedback that measures brain waves or brain blood flow to produce a signal that can be used as feedback on brain activity to teach self-regulation. Feedback is commonly provided using video or …

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Synergy project uses EEG technology or electroencephalography / special headsets and multiple sensors-electrodes attached, which only records natural brain electromagnetic activity / brain waves. There is no electromagnetic stimulation, no danger of electrical shock nor any harmful radiation. All head …

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synergy_third app test

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the principle of coherence in multi-level brain information processing

Review neuroscientific article authored by Matej Plankar, Simon Brežan and Igor Jerman explains the principle of coherence in multi-level brain information processing,  where coherence can be viewed as an integral part of brain  mechanisms responsible for synergetic processes / synergy …

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the brain’s inner workings

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synergy_second app test

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self-preserving nature of neurons

Daniel C. Dennett, philosopher, on the self-preserving nature of neurons which is the basis for understanding neuroplasticity of the human brain: We’re beginning to come to grips with the idea that your brain is not this well-organized hierarchical control system …

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synergy_first app test

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Megan May Daalder, the maker of the Mirrorbox, asked it’s users, “What do you think of this?” And they answered with the same answer more or less: “It’s weird.” But one of them reported the following: “I’ve come to realize …

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know thyself with a brain-scanner

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brain mapping

Brain mapping is a set of neuroscience techniques predicated on the mapping of [biological] quantities or properties onto spatial representations of the brain resulting in maps. Real-time map of mental activity in four significant brainwave frequency bands that are used …

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