I’ve had a passion for models and miniatures from an early age. My first plastic kit was a Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker 1:72 by Revell at age 8. Coincidentally, it was also my first scrapped model. Way too flimsy for my butterfingers back in the day. My second model was an F-15 E Strike Eagle 1:144 which was a success and I still have it. Through the years I’ve built a bunch more, later turning to miniature wargaming, building and painting scores of miniatures and vehicles. This also introduced me to building scenery from scratch, something that comes in handy if one studies architecture.

A selection of models will appear on this site in due time. If you’re really nosy, however, you can track some of them down via postings on terragenesis.co.uk (scenery) and easternfringe.com (scenery, miniatures).

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