Just an old video I made and wanted to share with some people, since Youtube is being silly.

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The Helldudes Gaming Group (Ljubljana, Slovenia) traditionally attend the Agram Arena Summer Warhammer 40k tournament (Zagreb, Croatia) every year. This year was no different; we even scored… *khm* …very well and we have videos to prove it!

More smartass comments in the full post.

As for the video and how to make it…

First you must take one (1!) week off, make up an army list and play a test game or two. The list must be a fun one, ideally consisting of units you don’t normally use. These should preferably still be boxed, to assure a maximum work load during the week. Feel free to pick something you have no way of getting and scratch building it as well.

Should you follow these instructions carefully, the amount of sleep per night, while sustaining very little social life, should not exceed 4 hours.

Take one Canon A520 with about 400 megs of space left on the card. While everyone’s taking care of their business, you should also attempt to navigate the vehicle, refine the army list, make a delivery and, if luck should have it, record some action. Oh, and try to convince them not to smack the bloody lens when it’s pointed at them.

When you go out boozing on Saturday night, try not to lose the camera and try not to get too much sleep. It might improve your performance on Sunday and we don’t want that.

After getting back to your hometown, go out for some drinks and some good eatin’.

Now you should be just about ready to make your art film extravaganza. Transfer all the files while catching up on 2 days’ worth of forum posting and world news. Now stay up all night while chatting on IM and slowly but surely piece together your video by using Windows “I like to crash when i bloody feel like it” Movie Maker. Make sure you have no previous experience using it or disable your hands and operate the computer using your forehead and tongue.

By now you should have probably stayed up for 32+ hours, living off warm beer and cold pizzas. You should also end up with a totally kickass video. Well, at least you and your geeky buddies oughtta think so. :]

Thanks for watching.

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