And here we are with the final CAD drawings. Click to enlargify and have a nice day.

Ground floor:

First floor:

Lengthwise cross section:

Perpendicular cross section:


Well, in the end, I’ve decided to go with the home of  Harry Weese. I have drawn out floorplans from the rough reference floorplans in the book. I should now have enough to begin work in 3D.

Cross sections should not be necessary, as nothing dramatic happens along the vertical axis, and besides, there are plenty of photos to fall back onto.

Here’s the ground floor…

…and the first floor.

Also, for more photos of this building, see my earlier post:

DMP Project proposal #3

March 4th, 2009

Here are the sketches of my third project proposal for “Digital Methods & Presentations” subject that I’m taking this year.

This time around, it’s what I’m working on at faculty’s seminar, a waterside/borne restaurant on the Gruber channel in Ljubljana. It should be capable of hosting ~100 guests, along with all the necerssary services. Another requirement is to allow for interaction with tourist boats/water buses or something along those lines, yet to be determined. That decision is to coincide with the renovation of Špica, where Ljubljanica and Gruber channel split.

It is to be called “Restaurant Gruber”.

DMP Project proposal #2

March 4th, 2009

Below you’ll find the sketches of my second project proposal for “Digital Methods & Presentations” subject that I’m taking this year.

It’s an idea for a house I’ve been tossing around in my head for a while, and while the drawings are very much raw, they do feature some of the, er… features. You’ll find the light solar panel roof in place, which can be partially opened to enable flow of air and light. The orientation is pretty self-explanatory, with the roof facing the sun; a little less obivous is the hillside location, which enables the usage of a back porch one level below the main entrance.

I call it “My place under the sun”. :]

DMP Project proposal #1

March 4th, 2009

The following pictures are my first project proposal for “Digital Methods & Presentations” subject that I’m taking this year.

I have chosen the personal home of Harry Weese, a renowned US architect. The house is situated in Barrington, Illinois, on a large wooded estate. At least that’s what I managed to decipher from the book I found the pictures in, with my rusty German. Bitte schön, die Bilder.

My name is Oskar Koščak and, since birth in 1986, I have been living in Ljubljana. I attended the Poljane primary and high school. Now i bid my time at my hometown’s Faculty of architecture.

As far as my work, relevant to the DMP subject, is concerned, I’ve been playing around with a number of 3D modelling suites. Up until my university enrollment, I was mainly interested in making models and levels for computer games. Lately, however, I’ve been focusing more on the architectural aspects of modelling. So far, I have experience with QuArK, ZModeler, Rhinoceros, Blender and Sketchup.