Cyberpipe community

proudly presents

NixOS Sprint Ljubljana

August 23rd to 27th, 2014


it's completely free


Cyberpipe is organizing a NixOS sprint where everyone can join to make the NixOS project even better! During the 5 sprint days, we will hack on NixOS project, improving easy or hard tasks, it doesn't matter. Take your pick or just stop by to try out NixOS!


Most of all, you! Everyone is welcome! :-)

Where to stay?

It's best to lookup on, or


More details will follow. Stay tuned!


We start coding on Saturday, August 23rd around 10.00 and stop on Wednesday, August 27th. You can come for any partial period you like. A whole day, or an afternoon, it doesn't matter!


In Cyberpipe headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia. To get there:

  • by bus (main station is in Ljubljana)
  • by train ( for timetable and prices)
  • by plane (close by airports are Brnik, Venice, Trieste, Zagreb, Graz, Klagenfurt) and shuttle transfer with Goopti.


Contact for sponsorship (t-shirts, transfer for sightseeing event, snacks)