Firefox 3 Release Party 2008


As you probably already know, You can Buy Clomid Online here we’ve been recording and streaming all talks as well as the press conference. We’re working as fast as we can to bring those videos to you.

The Press conference

Apearing (in order):Press Conference

  • Mojca Kucler Dolinar, minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology
  • representatives of the organizers from Kiberpipa (Klemen Robnik) and Information Science Students Association (Andrej Špilak)
  • Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe
  • Zbigniew Braniecki, Community Evangelist
  • Matjaž Horvat, translator of the Firefox browser

You can watch or download the video at the Kiberpipa’s video archive. The video is mixed Slovene and English.

Tristan Nitot – The Mozilla story

Tristan Nitot, President of Mozilla Europe, shares Mozilla’s unique history and highlights insights into what has made Mozilla one of the most influential and successful Open Source projects. Plus – Firefox 3, a Guinness World Record and what we can expect next.

Tristan Nitot

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The New Future of Collaboration – how a group of people can come together and change the World!

Taking Mozilla as example, Zbigniew Braniecki explains how collaborative mechanisms and beliefs have been around as part of Open Source for decades. Zbigniew shares insights into why people want to contribute and give up their free time, and explores elements needed for a community to thrive, common obstacles they face, and how to measure success.  The vast possibilities of online collaboration on the Web are only just beginning.

Zbigniew Braniecki

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Extensions for Firefox and what has to do with it

Given the statistics of users of our search engine, we at the company Interseek have decidedto publish a tool bar for the Firefox browser. Firefox enables us to deliver many improvements for our users and now the release of Firefox 3 even widens this ability. With these extensions we encourage our users to use Firefox. Gorazd Golob will be presenting how exactly the biggest search engine in Slovenia makes Firefox extensions.

Gorazd Golob

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Easy deployment of site-extensions with a browser plugin

Browser extensions offer a way to augment websites with no integration points. We will use Zemanta as a case-study to explore challenges developers face and approaches we can use to make building, maintaining and distributing such applications as cheaply and reliably as possible. Marko Samastur, Zemanta’s expert on javascript will explain the black magic behind their Firefox extension.

Marko Samastur

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June 24, 2008 at KiberpipaMozilla Firefox

Firefox 3 Release Party 2008 brought to you by Kiberpipa and The Information Science Students Association.

For more information see the schedule and the about page.

With support from Mozilla, we’ll make this a truly memorable day. Join us, celebrate, have fun!

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If you’ll be joining the party, could you please take a minute and tell us about it? It will make planning the party easier and you’ll be able to sleep better, knowing you won’t be thirsty :)