The event

Firefox 3‘s release is knocking at the gates and to welcome it, we’re throwing a party. Since Slovenia is currently the head of the EU, we thought it would be a great idea to have the event up to scale. So we’ve called some friends and now Kiberpipa and Društvo študentov informatike are organizing a big event and an even bigger party! And, we’re not in it alone. With the help of Mozilla and other sponsors, we’ll bring you something truly worthwhile.

There will be some talks to satisfy your hunger for knowledge, given by Mozilla staff and others, there will be plenty to drink and plenty to eat. We’ll provide you with many opportunities to network and meet new people. Call it a revolution in offline social networking :)

For the outline of the event see the schedule. Come, join us, have fun and celebrate the release of Firefox 3 with us!


Kiberpipa, the second-best cybercenter in Europe, is an open platform for research of newKiberpipa logo technology implementation in the fields of information technology, culture, media and politics. We explore open standards and open source software, upgrade them where possible and present them to the public, free to use.

Via lectures, discussions, socializing, workshops and art related activities we strive to spread knowledge and spark co-creativity as well as critical thinking with usage of new and open technologies.

Kiberpipa also boasts the first computer museum of Slovenia, which is based on interactive conservation of computer and technological heritage.

Društvo študentov informatike – Information Science Students Association

The Information Science Students Association is a non-profit association of Faculty of Computer and Information Science students from University of Ljubljana.Društvo Študentov Informatike

Our goal is to educate our colleagues and us about new best practices in IT, high-tech start-ups and interactions between industry and academia in computer science.

The main project of the association is the annual USA Tour, where students visit the most successful and perspective IT companies. This year the association also visited Mozilla and the great event that you are about to attend has begun …