How to get here

By train

If you are coming in Ljubljana by train, you win the prize! Kiberpipa is just 500 meters away from the main train station. See the map above – you can’t miss it.

By plane

If you intend to arrive by plane to airport Aerodrom Ljubljana (Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport), you are 30 minutes away from Kiberpipa. But don’t worry, since Kiberpipa is in the centre of Ljubljana, it will be the easy to arrive there. You just need to drive on the A2 road towards Ljubljana. At the exit you have to make a left turn (towards Ljubljana – Center), and then just drive on the Celovška street for about 5,5 km. After the railroad underpass you will see a big intersection with traffic lights. Make a left turn on Tivolska street and then turn right at the first street – “Vošnjakova ulica”. Start looking for a parking spot anywhere around there. Kersnikova ulica, the one you are trying to get to, is the parallel to you. It’s not difficult as it sounds, just read the signs or ask people (or you can leave it also to the cab driver ;) ) A cheaper alternative is to take the shuttle bus from the Airport to the city centre – there’s a timetable at the website of the Airport. You will be let out close to the train station – just ask the driver how to get to Kersnikova street, it’s a 5 minute walk.

When you get here

Firefox wine

Firefox wine

Metropol cafe

Metropol Cafe


A talk in Kiberpipa

Kiberpipa's computer museum

Kiberpipa Computer Museum