Firefox surpasses 50% market share in Slovenia

The following news made us especially happy, since we believe our efforts have contributed to the 4% rise since the release event :) . According to this news post, Firefox market share in Slovenia is now 51,95%.

Congratulations to Mozilla and all the people invloved for making such a wonderful product.

Firefox Wallpapers

While stumbling through the internets, I came across this set of firefox wallpapers.

Firefox wall 1

Firefox eye

Firefox protection

Just to give you a taste of what lies on that site :) .

Another four videos published

We’re proud to announce availability of four more videos. Only the last one missing at this point :)

The first video published

It’s the press conference and is mainly in Slovene.

It’s available to view and download in the Kiberpipa’s video archive.

Thank you

The event is successfully over and we’re happy about the outcome. We would now like to thank everybody who participated, everybody who helped and everybody who came to the party and had a great time!

Big thanks goes to Mozilla, for giving us the reason to party, Tristan and Zbigniew for coming here on behalf of Mozilla.

Special thanks goes to all our supporters Lugos, Arnes and Šou and to all who held sessions Tristan Nitot, Zbigniew Braniecki, Gorazd Golob, Marko Samastur and Marko Mrdjenovi?.

We’d also like to thank our sponsors, Marand, Zemanta, Crea, Goriška Brda, for enabling us to maintain the quality of the event.

We must also not forget all the press and bloggers, who wrote about us and by doing that helped to bring more people to this event. We hope you won’t forget to mention us in your future blog posts or articles :) .

And finally our thanks go to all the members of the organizing team. We all worked hard, gave our best efforts and in the end it all paid off.

We would also like to wish everybody a pleasant summer and don’t forget about us the next season!

Live stream and chatroom

If you are unable to attend the release party, do not worry – you can still connect to our live video stream at and see the talks in the comfort of your home.

And if you have any questions for our speakers at the end of their lectures, feel free to ask them at our chatroom, where they will be forwarded directly to them: #kiberpipa-firefox at Freenodeirc://freenode/kiberpipa-firefox

We are proud to announce the topics of all five talks

We have finally managed to pull everything together and organize it. All talks will be in English, since we’re going to stream them live and so enable a wider public to benefit from them.

The talks are as follows. For further details see the schedule.

  • 15:00 – Tristan Nitot – The Mozilla story
  • 16:15 – Zbigniew Braniecki – The New Future of collaboration
  • 17:45 – Gorazd GolobExtensions for Firefox and what has to do with it
  • 18:40 – Marko SamasturEasy deployment of site-extensions with a browser plugin
  • 19:00 – Marko Mrdjenovi?Improving the Web

See you on Tuesday!

Downlad day! Today!

Firefox 3 will be released today! For your convenience see this map:

In case you’re still confused, Slovenia is in the same timezone as Paris :) .

Field guide to Firefox 3

If you really can’t wait and you didn’t bother installing the betas or the RCs, here’s a useful Sunday reading to feast your appetite.

It will guide you through all that’s new in Firefox 3 which is to be released in two days :) .

In the press

Thanks to our PR Katja and many others we’ve been mentioned on many webpages already :) .

Mostly local websites and some blogs and the first foreign website to mention us is The first foreign bloger to mention us is Brian King :) .