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Multiple surveillance videos form a hidden architecture of our cities. If we are increasingly being denied any form of privacy in public space, let’s make the surveillance public. Let’s make media in our city from these collaborative acts. Let’s use this canvas, this frame of this alternative architecture that threatens with its purported deterrence, voyeurism and control to create new on-site(s) media: ambient and sudden conversations, performance, public acts of disobedience, absurd responses, music, poetry, propaganda, debates, conferences. To ‘hack’ into views from existing surveillance cameras that are in use in public/private spaces. The video signal from these cameras will be fed into a quad processor to create a new frame comprising of the views that the cameras see. Mics are hung in the mainframe of each view, very visibly to give a sense of a stage/set or performance setting. At each site is a TV, which provides live feedback of the audio and video from the quad.

Shaina Anand is a filmmaker and media artist based in Bombay. In 2001, she initiated ChitraKarKhana, (ImageFactory./ArtistFood) a fully independent non-funded unit for experimental media. Her recent works have been informed by a continuing interest in media and information politics, and by a critique of documentary form.They often attempt a collision between the creation and consumption of media wherin the site (and its notion of community) is confronted and the space, both physical and electronic, is staked out as belonging to the public. These projects have taken the form of collaborative interventions and have engaged with existing “grey” media practices in India. Rustle TV (2004) was a temporary TV channel set up inside a market in Bangalore, WI CITY TV(2005) aired local content and programming to 3000 homes in Bangalore parallel to the WorldInformation.org conference. KhirkeeYaan (2006) used cheap surveillance equipment to create a local area


Shaina Anand: concept
Almir, Dejan Sakelšak, Uroš Trebec, Boštjan Špetič: realisation