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GORI. Node Garden, Jee Hyun Oh and ...

“Gori” is a Korean word for interpersonal relations. It expresses the depth or loss of relationships that we choose for ourselves. GORI. Node Garden presents an alternative view of the information network, creating an “information ecosystem”. Data that would under normal circumstances be overlooked thus acquire a meaning and become an explanation of information recycling. Coupled with a nature metaphor, they represent the emotive flow of interpersonal relations. Imagine you’re a gardener. You’re growing a garden of a network community in which every plant that was planted by somebody else grows on your communication data. The visitors are asked to use direct messages within a computer program to generate communication data. They log in and send or receive messages from other visitors. When they log off, they decide whether they would like to incorporate their conversation into the Garden. New data waters and feeds a chosen plant. The concept of Gori. Node Garden is to combine two network participants and their interactions with nature. The installation presents a tiny flower garden that represents a social network you belong to; the flower represents your personal network node. What happens to it is up to the individual.

Jee Hyun Oh is a promising Korean artist; she has studied music (and graduated on the piano) and industrial design. She has recently concluded a postgraduate study of network media environments at the Ravensbourne College in London. Her chief current interest is visualization and esthetization of network dynamics. In association with Cyberpipe she has developed the project Gardening II.

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Tech support: Ivan Leben, Jure Čuhalev, Gregor Babi, Jure Monik

Special thanks: Jan Volk